Spinelli Kilcollin

Taurus SG Gris Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Pave Diamond Rings with Yellow Gold Connectors



Grounded, bold and iconoclastic; one can always spot a Taurus by their unshakeable sense of identity. With its luxurious construction, the Taurus is emblematic of solidity and deep self-knowledge. A bold and structural design for everyday wear, the Taurus is linked by two connectors, and can be worn stacked or spread across multiple fingers as a modular piece. Individually handmade in Los Angeles.

  • Bands: .925 sterling silver and 18k yellow gold
    • 2.8mm gauge .925 sterling silver band
    • 2.8mm gauge .925 sterling silver band
    • 2.8mm gauge 18k yellow gold band
  • Stones: Gray diamonds (approx. 1.20 cttw)
  • Connectors: 18k yellow gold
  • Created in 2022

Each gray diamond is a unique, natural stone and will vary in color. All of our gray diamonds are ethically and responsibly sourced by our team.

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