Sun Snow - Category 2 in Black



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  •  Your eyes are exposed to many dangers in the mountains. Snow reflects up to 90% of the sun's rays and the quantity of ambient ultraviolet rays (UV) increases by 10% every 1,000 m. Which is why it is vital to protect your
    eyes when practicing snow sports. Goggles fit over glasses and have a double screen to provide ventilation and prevent fogging. Adjustable headband with clip.

    Size Small: H: 3.4" x W: 6.4" x Profile: 2.8" x Head Circumference: 20/22

    Size Large: H: 3.8" x W: 6.8" x Profile: 3.1" x Head Circumference: 22/24

    Frame: Goggles are made from polyurethane and guarantee excellent resistance to mechanical (falls, collisions) and thermal (extreme cold) shocks. They have a rubber texture finish and are very comfortable to wear thanks to their thermoformed “dual material” foam with an optimal thickness of 15 mm which adapts to the reliefs of the face. Adjustable headband with clip.

    Lenses: Outer lens - Tinted silver polycarbonate. Inner lens - cellulose acetate

    Accessories: Soft drawstring storage bag

    UV Protection: 100% UV protection - Category 2 protection for all weather.

    Care Instructions:Do not use household cleaners on glasses. Use a soft dry cloth or dampened only with water. Rub gently with soft dry cloth to prevent streaking.

    Designed In: France

    Made In: Taiwan

Packaging and other materials may vary.

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